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Lumileds sharp Chinese name is on you know?

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Recently, the new Lumileds (Chinese name: Liang Rui), senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing Mr. Emmanuel Dieppedalle (. Iman button Seoul Depardieu), Asia Pacific vice president Xie Wenfeng, and Mr. Zhou Xuejun, director of the Asian Pacific market came Beijing accepted an exclusive interview, the interview is at 1 April 2015 highlighted sharp formally independent spin-off from Royal Philips Group by GO Scale Capital with $ 3.3 billion acquired 80.1% stake in the background. Interviews in a relaxed atmosphere for more than an hour, on the bright sharp course of development, product and market, after the organization acquired, development strategy and launched a series of problems, Mr. Emmanuel Dieppedalle given numerous new answers readers.

Q: Please explain the sharp light of the development process.

Mr. Xie Wenfeng:

Liang Rui can be traced back in the 1960s Hewlett-Packard (HP) Company's Optoelectronics Division, February 1999 HP business restructuring, the measuring instruments and optical business and IT operational separation, as the basis for the establishment of a named "Agilent Technologies (Agilent Technology)" the new company.Around December 1999, Agilent and Philips joint venture focused on the development and manufacture of power LED's Lumileds company. 2006 Philips Lumileds Group completed on the part of the equity held by the company's acquisition of Agilent, Lumileds became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Philips Group and changed its name to Philips Lumileds. June 30, 2014, Philips announced its Lumileds and Automotive Lighting (automotive lighting) merged two business groups, after the completion of the spin-off and Philips set up a new independent company. April 1, 2015 a new company was officially established Rui Liang, Philips announced in the same period and GO Scale Capital syndicate signed an agreement to transfer $ 3.3 billion bright sharp 80.1% stake, Philips retained the remaining 19.9% stake. So far, the bright sharp open a new chapter.

Q: Why will Lumileds Philips Lighting and Automotive lighting (automotive lighting) merged to form the bright sharp and bright sharp major stake sale?

Iman button Seoul Depardieu:

In recent years, Philips Lighting Solutions began to lighting systems and intelligent lighting solutions company restructuring. The main business of Lumileds LED chips and packaged devices, Automotive Lighting (automotive lighting) business focus is to provide lighting for the car. Currently, the car is also experiencing from incandescent lighting, halogen lamps, xenon lamp LED light source to the process of rapid change, both of which business model similar, are providing the core components of lighting applications to professional customers, two Division produces integrated greater synergy.

GO Scale Capital is a company with long-term development vision and strategic thinking group of investors, they have extensive experience in the establishment and operation aspects of science and technology enterprises. In the past few years, sharply rising bright LEDs business development capacity, optimize the industrial footprint of automotive lighting, the formation of a strong management team, supported by innovative technology. Therefore, we believe that cooperation with GO Scale Capital will greatly speed up the development of bright sharp in the expanding scale, attract more customers.

Q: GO Scale Capital became the controlling shareholder after the organizational structure of bright sharp There are no major changes?

Iman button Seoul Depardieu:

No major changes, the new company will retain Lumileds as the company name, and take "bright sharp" as the Chinese name. The new company as CEO, the former chief executive Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre Lumileds continue in charge, we still maintain the original position unchanged.

Go Scale Capital syndicate chairman, co-founder and Managing Director of GSR Ventures and Mr. Sonny Wu Rui Liang will serve as interim president after the acquisition. -

Philips Lighting will continue to be bright sharp important customer and will continue to maintain cooperative relations with the bright sharp in R & D and supply.、

The transaction also includes the transfer of Philips patents related to LED manufacturing and automotive lighting to light more than 600 sharp.




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